Ikaira Homes may not have a century-old history. But it has an unwavering inspiration, vision and craft. It has a promise of delivering the best experiences. It has a heart for true elegance and a rare kind of respect for nature. Ikaira Homes offers a different kind of journey, yet it is filled with familiarity. It takes you back to the glory of the past, only for you to bring it forward to celebrate in the future. In this multi-faceted world of furniture and beautiful homes, Ikaira is a precious discovery…

Of timeless techniques and skills that have been passed on from generation to generation

Of handcrafted masterpieces that can last a lifetime
or longer

Of a style of living that inspires happiness and comfort
in daily life

Ikaira Homes is a destination that will create a legacy of its own, as well as yours

The name Ikaira is derived from the meaning of ‘kaira’ which is, a precious gift of god. The ideology stems from the concept that a beautiful home makes a beautiful life. And just like every life is unique, so is every home. Unique, and therefor precious. That is why we specialize in bespoke furniture and personalized interior styling. We go the extra mile to understand personalities, emotions and individual aesthetic.






The karigar

Ikaira gives power to the karigar. We give them the recognition for their craft and celebrate the craftsman as a sum of the whole. That’s what makes Ikaira special. We put true living tradition on a pedestal. Just like we do any other aspect. And as much as we pay homage to the eras gone by, we also embrace a modern sensibility and a unique application of design.

Our Studio
practices balance

We appreciate
fine blends

Of yesterday, today
and tomorrow

The bones of the brand: one of the most integral parts of Ikaira’s world: are the artisans. Ikaira doesn’t outsource its work. We have our own universe of timeless skill, age-old techniques and processes and a vitality of craftsmanship that is one of a kind. We give real importance to the great masters of design, and let them shine in the spotlight.

With the “machine-made” revolution taking up much of the surface area of this landscape, we wanted to put the spotlight back on the Karigar and the power in his hands. We consider the artisan a rare treasure, since they are so hard to come by in today’s day and age. We stand at the forefront of bringing diminishing art forms forward, celebrating the value of the craftsman and showcasing how true luxury is found in the rare vs the common.

From single wooden masterpieces to completing an entire home with fit-outs, furniture and every last detail. We promise precious living in all forms, shapes and sizes.







The Ikaira Difference

From heirloom to cutting edge, we go the entire length and breadth when it comes to delivering detailed quality, absolute authenticity and inimitable experience. We fit old practices into new contexts. We create fresh conversations about antiquated techniques. We honor the classic with the contemporary in every creation made. That’s what makes Ikaira stand out.Ultimately, Ikaira Homes promises
precious elegance through:

Great design, in depth personalization
and detailing

Great craftsmanship and authentic woodwork craft

Great experience through expertise acquired over generations

The first layer of Ikaira’s foundation is authenticity. From the use of natural polishes vs plastic ply and polishes to the resurgence of age-old processes—Ikaira believes that real luxury is found in the genuine, not in imitation that comes with a considerable price tag just because it looks as good as the real thing. For example, we favour real wood over ceramic tiles that appear like wood. We get intrigued by lost processes like the quintessential chalk finish and spend time experimenting and researching on these forgotten arts to bring the finest forward. From reviving to reinventing and researching, we are always on the hunt for the next best way, ancient or futuristic, to offer the promise of precious, elegant living

Our vision is to not only create a destination the entire country trusts and relies on when it comes to home interiors, but also a place which spreads the philosophy, beauty and awareness about craftsmanship and the timelessness associated with it. Our central ethos surrounds the adherence to the artisan, and respect given to every natural material available on this earth.






The Inspiration

Transport yourself to a royal palace in Versailles where kings and queens once lived, at a time when things were crafted to last for hundreds of years and when gold was bold. This is an era that continually inspires Ikaira. The period of the renaissance when a lot of interesting creations came to life in Europe. But the one thing we realised is that India somehow was never documented quite in the same way as the western world was, for its handcrafted masterpieces in design. Even though India has a treasure trove of beautiful craftsmanship, it was never slated into distinctive eras, or was never spoken of quite so intently. And so, while our designs are influenced from the European medieval and colonial eras and from 17th century French art, we celebrate Indian craftsmanship with unbridled enthusiasm.
Our creations are made to…

Inspire a precious life of true elegance

Evoke an emotion within you

Highlight the beauty Indian craftsmanship

Ikaira doesn’t have a sole or signature design aesthetic. It can be both classic and contemporary. Dainty and dramatic. Minimal and maximalist. While our affinity towards the renaissance period in Europe is abundant, for Ikaira, inspiration can never be curtailed to just one time period, artist or style. It needs to have the room to breathe, learn and evolve, in order to truly create one of a kind masterpieces that stand the test of time, trend and style. And at the end of it, our biggest inspiration is you and what you are inspired by and desire to create and cohesively bring together your precious spaces.






The Woodwork

The new era of luxury furniture makers may favour practicality over preciousness. They may opt for machine made precision over raw precious beauty. They may lean towards effortless execution and mindless maintenance over an evolutionary, hands-on progress. But not us. At the centre of this ideology is our love for woodwork. A piece of wooden furniture has its own energy, character, persona, just by virtue of being made at the hands of an artisan. Its natural state has its quirks: wood expands, it has a mood of its own and can be difficult to rely on in terms of practical measures. However, what others see as a set back, we perceive as a rare advantage. Yes, wood may expand or change its form over the years as it ages… but that just adds the layer of beauty and authenticity to it that’s inimitable.
Wooden furniture has…

An everlasting and ever evolving story

A deep,
beautiful meaning

A precious charm

Ikaira’s affection towards woodwork is deep rooted. And for good reasons. Wooden furniture has an agelessness about it that can smitten just about anyone. It lasts for more than one generation and carries with it memories made along the way. It forms a very interesting lineage and that is what makes it so precious and endearing. It has interesting nuances and a branched out versatility. Wood is a beautiful material to work with—you can mould it to your whims—make curves, join it in anywhere, celebrate its uniqueness, strength and durability. It has an adaptability about it that can leave you awestruck. It adds warmth, depth and a sense of sophistication to a space. It exudes an intimacy that lures you in. The best part, however, for us, when it comes to wooden furniture, is that it really gives one a sense of belonging to the earth. It gives you an instant connection to the planet. Yet, despite so many positives, hardwood furniture is a very niche offering. Very few are a part of this clique.

From single wooden masterpieces to completing an entire home with fit-outs, furniture and every last detail. We promise precious living in all forms, shapes and sizes.

We are always available to help you discover a life of precious elegance

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